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Isaiah 40:31

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run ...

John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosover believeth in him should not perish, ...

Acts 1:8

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Spirit is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both ...

Psalm 37:23

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his way

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 How to have Faith like Iron (Proverbs 27:17)

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History of Ohio Laymen's Fellowship

                                                    Our Beginning
                           "Ohio Laymen's Fellowship"

The Laymen Movement from its inception in 1923 has set and, maintains a goal of total inclusion among men of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. Our 4th National Laymen President Deacon Walter Cade, Jr. was given the vision and conception of Regional Laymen Workshops.

In 1971 the grouping of the states into regions began. Our region, was initially known as "The Midwest Region Laymen's Workshop". It consisted of the states of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. It has evolved from the five, to seven, and currently to nine with the addition of the states of Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, and West Virgina.

President Cade envisioned the regional workshops to provide those men, their wives, youths, and supporters a flavor of the National Workshops, without great expense to the attendees. They were not to replace them, but rather to enhance and encourage their attendance when possible.

Within the early 1990's State Laymen Presidents Deacon Curtis Johnson, SR. ,Ohio Baptist State Convention (OBSC) and Deacon Warren Cousins, Ohio Baptist General Convention (OBGC) being keenly aware of the financial challenge of hosting a workshop of this magnitude and the required cooperation, and financial support of both conventions: collectively, presented a recommendation that Laymen of both conventions agree to form an interstate alliance Know as "Ohio Laymen's Fellowship". That recommendation was accepted and unanimously approved by both conventions. The Laymen of OBSC at that time, are now Laymen within United Missionary Baptist State Convention of Ohio (UMBSCO). Thereby the "Ohio Laymen's Fellowship" was birthed, and are in active cooperation today!

Our history must also reflect the origin and concept of the "J.A. Collins & Edward Lindsey Rotating Trophy" which is now a continuous part of our 9 State Regional Workshops. It is awarded to the single state convention which has the most "on time" registered delegates during each yearly workshop: the host state not being eligible. This rotating trophy, concept, and origin design was thought of, secured and presented by former State Laymen President. Deacon Curtis Johnson, Sr, of the (OBSC). The 5 State Workshop Conventions accepted the concept, and it is still within circulation today. The
(UMBSCO) won the trophy in 2018 under the presidency of Deacon Moses J. Garrett, (UMBSCO) Laymen President, and their faithful delegates.

 Deacon Moses J. Garrett
UMBSCO Laymen President (former)

 Year of 2020

 * Ohio Laymen's Fellowship Logo was created by Deacon Arturius Johnson (OBGC).

 * The state of Ohio Laymen's were scheduled to host the Midwest 9 State Workshop but
    due to the virus of Covid 19 this in person National Laymen event was cancelled. The
    nation's health protection agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    (CDC) recommended that all in person events should be cancelled. It was agreed with
    the National 9 State Midwest State Laymen Officers that Ohio would host this event in
    the year of 2022.
* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Click Here
         * Covid-19 - Click Here

 Year of 2021

 * The Midwest 9 State Workshop was hosted by the state of Michigan on October 23,
     2021. To view virtual program outline Click Here.

 Year of 2022

 * The Ohio Laymen's Fellowship (OLF) new web site was made avaliable to the public
     on January 1, 2022. Site was develped by Deacon Cyril Thornton with input from the
     OLF servant leaders.
     Web site: www.olf3.org

   * The Ohio Laymen's Fellowship make history with its First Annual Session that took
       place on Saturday March 19, 2022.

       This Historical event included Guest Lecturer Dr. Howard Washington who serves as
       Ohio Baptist General Convention (OBGC) Congress Dean and President of the
       Baptist Pastors Conference of Columbus and Vicinity Inc. Guest Preacher was
       Samuel N. Winston Jr. who serves as OBGC Convention President.

       The OLF leadership agreed to create and offer yearly awards to Laymen and Women
       Supporters who have shown outstanding Christian servant leadership in the state of
       Ohio. It was decided to name the awards 'The Ohio Laymen's Fellowship Moses J.
       Garrett and Wallace Wyatt Mertorious Christian Service Award'. The first awards
       will go to the families of these tow humble Ohio laymen servants.

       Award frames were created by W. Rich'e Original. This company is owned and
       operated by Bro. William Richardson (Eastern District). Frames are made from
       strategic and featured woods imported from Africa, Brazil and Middle East.

       View presentations of awards: Click Here
       View recorded program: Click Here  

     * The National Laymen Midwest 9 State Walter Cade Jr. Workshop was held virtually
        and hosted by the Ohio Laymen’s Fellowship on Saturday October 29, 2022.

        Dr. Quentin L. Respress, Sr. Pastor of the Kingdom Power Baptist Church in
        Columbus OH served as guest preacher.

        This National Laymen Workshop has been planned to take place in the state of Iowa
        for 2023.

        To view virtual program: Click Here
        To view/download program flyer: Click Here

Year of 2023
* The Ohio Laymen's Fellowship celebrated its 2nd Annual Conference on March
         18,  2023. This was a virtual state laymen event.

         Guest Lecturer was Rev. A. l. Small,  Sr., Pastor of the Starlight Missionary Baptist
         Church in Cleveland Ohio. Guest Preacher was Dr. Kito D. March, Sr. Pastor of the
         Second Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Cleveland Ohio. This event was
         hosted by the United Missionary Baptist State Convention of Ohio (UMBSCO)
         Laymen Auxiliary.

         To view workshop material: Click Here
         To view sermon: Click Here

         National Laymen Walter Cade Jr. Midwest Regional Workshop
The Midwest National Laymen held its Walter Cade Jr. Workshop October
          27 thru 29, 2023 in Des Moines, Iowa.
Bro. Walter Henders who serves as Iowa    
          State Laymen President and host committee did a great job of seeing to the needs
          of  all delegates who attented.

          State of Ohio Laymen President Cyril N. Thornton was key note speaker at the
          Annual Banquet on Saturday October 28, 2023. Bro. Thornton also serves the     
          National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. Laymen Movement Technology Director.

Dr. Verlin F. Samples Jr., who serves as Tabernacle Baptist Church Sr. Pastor in 
           Columbus, OH completed a Pastor's Report of event. To view Click Here

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